Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Weight loss, It’s freaking fall guys!!!

Weight loss, It’s freaking fall guys!!!
It’s literally My favorite season of ALL TIME. My soul is content during fall. I always feel excited and renewed and brimming with happiness. I decided I need to share that with you all 💚

Before Keto I was a worn down, tired, rough around the edges, angry mom ALL. THE. TIME. No matter how much I slept, it wasn’t never enough. I napped every day and still was beyond tired by bed time. I was always ready to yell at someone for something. I was on edge. I couldn’t keep up with the house. It was exhausting trying to even keep up with my own emotions.

Since starting Keto, I no longer take naps, the sleep I do get is refreshing every time (I don’t toss and turn any more) and I’m able to be 100% more calm and patient on a daily basis with my babies. My house is clean and cared for. I feel like I’ve become the mama they need and deserve in their life!

The changes I have seen in myself make me hella excited to show other mamas that tiny bit of hope that they too can become the best versions of themselves with something so simple.

You can do this too!!!

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