Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Weight loss, I’ve lost 100 pounds in 11 months :

Weight loss, I’ve lost 100 pounds in 11 months
My starting weight was 284.
My current weight is 172.
In January of this year I was 266.
By the end of this month I should be able to say I’ve lost 100 pounds in 11 months.

I have entirely changed my diet around. I did not follow any form of diet just tuned into what my body needed. I eat clean (at least I try! Lol) and cut out pop and coffee drinks.
I fell in love with running. I ran my first mile ever this year and now I’m able to run 3.5 miles daily. 😍

It started simple. It started with getting the water with lemon instead of the pop. It started with going for a slow walk. I had to work on self discipline and impulse control.

Emotionally it has taken more of a toll than what I ever imagined. I’m trying so hard to be body positive. I’m working on 23 years of body issues.

If you feel stuck, please know you’re not alone. Keep making those little steps until you find yourself making leaps. ❤️

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