Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Competitive Bodybuilder Inspires Self-Improvement (Part 3) :

Competitive Bodybuilder Inspires Self-Improvement (Part 3) :
For weight and muscle gain, Wade provides lists of specific foods and portion sizes for a person's diet. He even provides the best times to eat in relation to workouts.

The book's fourth section "Exercise" offers various exercises for training all parts of the body from chest, to biceps, to legs. Separate exercises are included for women who want to be lean but not increase muscle mass like men.

Wade includes photographs of himself in the different positions so the exercises are visually easy to follow. The photographs also show off Wade's impressive physique-a clear sign that the reader is getting advice from an expert. In fact, very few athletes, much less professional bodybuilders have written such detailed exercise instructions for readers or shared their secrets-Wade makes it clear that achieving a better body is less about secrets than hard work, dedication, and a belief in oneself.

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