Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Who's ready to CRUSH your weight loss ?

Who's ready to CRUSH your weight loss ?
Let me tell you something: the two photos were taken in Rio de Janeiro with a difference of about 4 years between them.

I remember it like it was today when my mom photographed me in the pool area at a hotel we were staying at, and when I saw the photo I had a lot of fight with, because I had asked for a face photo with a focus on the landscape, and she took it but when I saw this photo it was as if I had woken up to realize that something was not right, and this photo was the beginning of my change,

I remember perfectly wondering how I let myself get to that point, and the answer I I already had it, as much as I wanted to hide it, it was the excesses of years that led me to reach this body, but even though I knew I needed to change, I still gained a lot after the 1 photo,

I only really changed when my health was going to side, and I was so young, full of dreams I didn't want my destiny to have traced because of obesity, so I CHANGED ♥ ️ and changing was the greatest act of love I have ever had ♥ ️

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