Monday, February 3, 2020

Women Bodybuilding Jay Fuchs, I don't have time to look for a man

Women Bodybuilding Jay Fuchs, I don't have time to look for a man
The bodybuilder is now hoping for a new lender. At the latest next year she wants to take part in big competitions again. "But it is not possible without a sponsor." The preparations are like a full-time job. «You spend all your time in the gym. In addition, you are busy on a diet and enough sleep. »

Until then, Jay is enjoying her job at the gas station. "It is a lot of fun for me to leave my world and get in touch with customers at the cash register." The clientele is very diverse and different. "Some also respond to my muscles," says the single woman.

Fuchs cannot complain about missing advances anyway. "There are enough men to court me." But the one had not yet been among them. Your dream man doesn't have to be a bodybuilder, but intellectually the powerhouse is at eye level. "At this point, many fail."

Although love has not yet worked, Jay Fuchs does not want to complain: besides sports and jobs, the Swiss woman is currently very busy anyway. "I'm currently moving into a new apartment in Aargau." Fuchs is looking forward to her new oasis of calm.

As an athlete and petrol station employee, she has more than enough action in everyday life. Does a man still have a chance of a relationship with her? "Sure, if the right person shows up, then it automatically fits!"

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