Tuesday, February 18, 2020

women over 50 fitness enthusiasts, Sunday squat-day :

women over 50 fitness enthusiasts, Sunday squat-day
I love leg days. I split my leg training into two sessions per week, I dont usually have a specific plan, just go in, see which machines/equipment are in use and go with the flow, as Sunday is the busiest day at the gym, pairing exercises where I can, because I enjoy supersets particularly . I like to vary the workout each time: choice of exercises, tempo variations, challenging myself with more weight, and or more reps , reps to failure. Todays exercises:

Calf raises 60 reps
Dumbbell front squats. 60 reps
Barbell split squats 3 sets, 2 of 20 reps per leg then final set to failure
Dumbbell lunges 3 sets
Leg press 2 sets of 20, final set to failure
Machine squats, 3 sets, including pulsing and varied tempo movement, 20, then 30 reps, final set to failure

Barbell hip thrusts, 5 sets - starting and ending with own weight warm up and cool down, 3 sets with varied weight
Leg curls 3 sets
Single leg curls 3 sets per leg, 14, 16, 20 reps with incremented weight

Machine hip abductions 'a drop-dead' set to finish, go at start weight until I cant move it anymore (today it was 36 reps), drop the weight, carry on (managed about another 18) , drop the weight again and carry on until you die (managed another 22 and a half) !

I am now sitting on a cushion, probably not to move again for a while 😜

Happy Sunday

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