Thursday, March 26, 2020

Weight loss, being to temporarily switch to maintenance :

Weight loss, being to temporarily switch to maintenance
Something I noticed the other day when I was saying it’s so hard to stay on track right now with the given situation, is that I feel like that is said SO much. I say it for pretty much every reason. “It’s hard to stay on track in the summer, hard to stay on track during the holidays, hard to stay on track during stressful times, hard to stay on during vacation, hard when you have a lot of social events.” We can always find something going on that can make our brains justify going off track. Our defense mechanism to ourselves basically allows us to think there’s always a situation where it’s okay to overeat and stop taking care of ourselves.⁣

But then I had to check myself. Is it really that hard for me to be on track during this pandemic? No. Is it a little more challenging that normal? Sure. Food shopping isn’t what it once was, things I rely on aren’t available, but I decided not to let that become the reason I undo all my hard work. ⁣

So the other day I came up with a game plan and a solution. That being to temporarily switch to maintenance to give me the extra points for food I don’t normally eat. (Example my normal 1 pt bread isn’t available so I’m eating bread that’s 2sp per slice instead) Also being on 💚 has been super helpful because my husband only had luck finding pork & meat and some packaged chicken that had points etc. ⁣

If you’re currently on 💙💜 but are having a tough time food shopping and getting the bulk of zero point foods that make those plans so great, I recommend trying out green for the time being. You can switch back as soon as this is over! (I get nothing out of people switching but have had a ton of messages of people not being able to eat the zero point foods they rely on). ⁣

Or on the flip side, if you’re on 💚 but find yourself not wanting to worry about tracking right now and have a good amount of the zero point foods on either 💙💜, consider a temporary switch to one of those! ⁣

You’re not married to any one plan and that’s the beauty of @ww having 3 plans that you can pick between for any given time of your life! Just some suggestions to try and not gain during this stressful time!

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