Saturday, April 25, 2020

Diet, I don’t want my body back to where it’s been :

Diet, I don’t want my body back to where it’s been
If you thought about it, try it. You’ll never know what it was like if you didn’t try it.

And I’m not saying, try those hacks like lemon water, I’m saying wake up tomorrow and practice your ideal perfect day. What would it be like to live a life like that?

This is coming from a girl who would be scared to sit in a chair in fear, thinking “I’m too heavy for this”. Coming from somebody who either didn’t eat around people or hid their food since before middle school. I shopped plus size my entire life of shopping. And I missed out on my entire childhood.

Don’t search how. Just think to yourself, “What Can I Do Different?” Happy Thursday Everyone 💜 I truly didn’t think I’d be here today TMI, at that living a healthy life. Something just tells me I’m meant to share my transformation and motivate somebody else to change.

Take advantage of the extra time, write down a couple notes, and genuinely make yourself priority any chance you have.

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