Friday, April 10, 2020

Weight loss, I don’t even recognize myself !

Weight loss, I don’t even recognize myself !
That, “I don’t even recognize myself” feeling is something I’ll never get used to.

I was scrolling through my old pictures on Facebook and when I can across the picture on the left, I legitimately just stared at it for a couple minutes, trying to find myself. My life, my health, my mind, my spirit, has changed so much since that time that on some levels, it feels like looking stranger! I know it’s me, but DAMN, lol, that woman has come a long way!

The left was 2016, probably one of the heaviest points in my life, weight wise. I never stepped on the scale then, but I’d guess I was close to, if not over 300 pounds.

The right is from this Valentine’s Day. 🥰 This morning I weighed in at 139 pounds.

Do the damn thing. ✨

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