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Bodybuilding, History (Part 2) :

Bodybuilding, History (Part 2)
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Bodybuilding, History (Part 2) :

The IIFB in the early 2000's tried to make bodybuilding an Olympic sport. However it did not succeed as bodybuilding is not considered as a sport by some.

A person who has qualified in bodybuilding competitions and has earned a pro- card from IIFB. Professional bodybuilders stand a chance to compete at high level competitions such as Arnold Classic and New York Pro. Winner of these also the other good bodybuilders get a chance to compete for Mr. Olympia which is the highest title to be won in the entire field of bodybuilding.

Natural bodybuilding is another form of bodybuilding where the participants are regularly tested for the use of any illegal substances. It is mostly done by urine testing. Natural bodybuilding organizations banned the use of Anabolic steroids, Prohormone etc which is largely used by the professional bodybuilders. NANBF and NPA are a part of Natural bodybuilding organization.

Female Bodybuilding- the first true female bodybuilding competition was held in Ohio, in the year 1978. Basis of judgment was their muscularity. In 1980 the winner of the first Miss Olympia war Rachel McLish. This inspired many women and also a movie, in the year 1985 called Pumping Iron II

The main strategies used by bodybuilders are: strength training with the help of weights or hydraulic resistance. Specialized nutrition that includes high protein and supplements. Ample rest to support muscle growth and gain strength.

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