Monday, May 25, 2020

Weight loss, Thems were some big ol’ legs😅 :

Weight loss, Thems were some big ol’ legs😅

Strive to progress, not perfection... remember that constant progress is what will take you to your goal 👣

November 2019 to May 2020
Down 80 LBS.
It’s a new lease in life is what it is.
I absolutely love the fact that I woke up this morning jumped out of bed had made a coffee before the kids were awake and thought- better take a photo!
I’m super proud of my progress.
Today I will make a commitment to myself.

I will eat 70grams of protien
I will drink 2L of water
I will move my body
I will have a green juice
I will moisturize
I will be kind to myself
I will be kind to others
I will invest in my future
I will invest in me.
I’m super happy!, I’m super proud.
I posted this as my Monday reminder; I can do this, I have done this.....
This week will be whatever I make it.
Happy Monday Guys!

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