Sunday, June 14, 2020

Fitness Women (Part 1) :

Fitness Women (Part 1)
A new wave, a new beginning needs a fit woman in all respects. When we talk about fitness women the traditional view is about the physical fitness of women. But there is more to fitness.

We have to be consciously aware of the fact that as a human being we are not just the physical self but we are a unified wonder of nature encompassing the body, the mind, the heart and the soul. Unless we are fit at all these levels, we cannot create a harmony in the universe that is within us. If our inner universe is not fit, then we radiate a negative vibration in the outer universe. The more we create such negative vibrations in the external universe the more shall be the chaos and mess in the universe.

Therefore if we want to make a change in the problems seen in today's world, we need to change first of all our own self. After all we are part of the larger system and what we project inside our inner universe becomes the manifestations in the external universe.

Only a fit woman in you can bring about a soothing and long term change for the positive in this world. Your wholesome fitness is essential for the well being of the world and the nature. Let's start from the inner core and then move to the outside to see how fitness women as a concept in real sense can be felt and achieved.

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