Monday, June 15, 2020

Lost 40kg naturally in 7 months :

Lost 40kg naturally in 7 months

The photo from before was in November. After having already eliminated more than 12kg. I was at maximum 85kg.

Neither the pants nor the blouse had served me for months. So getting back to wearing an outfit that I liked so much, it was a pride and an extra motivation not to give up.

The after picture is from last week. After more than 40kg lost since the beginning of the process. Feeling the super loose clothing is a renewal in the spirit.

Knowing that this whole process was trodden by myself, gives me a warm heart.

This week I weighed myself, and I realized that I entered a weight loss plateau. I already imagine that this was happening, for knowing my body well. Then, in May I lost just .800 grams.

But even so, I am very happy with my evolution. Happy with my choices and my new life. And with everything I've learned so far.

This week I will change some things in my routine, shake up my metabolism, to see if I can lose the 4kg that is missing to reach the ideal weight.

Go with me, in search of a healthier life?

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