Monday, June 8, 2020

Weight loss, Little about my journey:

Weight loss, Little about my journey
I'm so excited for today, cause I hit one of my NSV goals!
Little about my journey:
I discovered IF after 5 months of trying to loose that stubborn post-partum weight and only going from 192-189 🙄

So on Janurary 4th of this year I decided to make a change, and that change was IF.
Once I discovered IF, I never looked back! It has been so incredible and easy to fit into my life style. It's the best because it's so damn flexible and I never feel deprived or on a 'diet', horrible 4 letter word that that is.

NSV, I've had many! Like finally throwing away all those sure to work 'diet supplements' (🙄), or having my doctor say "Dang girl, you look thin!"
But getting back into these jeans, as of today, that I haven't been able to fit into since junior year of high school is definitely #1 on my list!

My baby is officially a year old today, and I can't tell y'all how happy and confident I felt today knowing that I hit not only my goals on the scale, but off it as well!

SW: 189 Jan 4th 2020
1st GW: 155
2nd GW: 150
CW: 145 June 6th 2020

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