Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Down 93.6 pounds, 20-25 left to go :

Down 93.6 pounds, 20-25 left to go
My "go to" look on the left. It was ALWAYS a flowy shirt, black leggings, and always a jacket or cardigan of some sort. I always thought it was slimming if I layered. No matter how hot I got. At least 3/4ths, if not more, of my pictures are of me in a similar look.

I also have worn a body shaper/smoother tank top for the last 10 years. The tighter the better I always felt. But guess what?? NSV , I no longer wear them and feel 100% comfortable just as I am! And that is the BEST feeling!!!

Down 93.6 pounds, 20-25 left to go.

turtleclub weight loss here, I started my journey June 1st, 2018 and still plugging along. And thats OKAY! I endulge in pizza, Mexican night, drinks on the weekends, donuts with my kids on a Saturday morning, ect. And then right back at the program! I refuse to give up everything and I refuse to not live my best life 🥰🥰

For tips, tricks and amazing recipes that have helped me along the way check out www.instagram.com/jamiewaistingawaywithww

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