Thursday, July 9, 2020

Weight loss, 302lbs –> 160 lbs

Weight loss, 302lbs –> 160 lbs
Let today be the day you finally decide to commit

I get asked constantly “how do you have to motivation? I just can’t get motivated” Know that you won’t always have motivation. So many days I didn’t wanna get up off my couch. But I knew how bad I wanted it. So I put my shoes on and dragged out the door. I knew how badly I wanted to feel confident and healthy. I was tired of feeling stuck. I was tired of being tired.

Stop waiting for the motivation. Start building new habits, finding a new way of eating/exercise that you enjoy. Stop making excuses. There’s ALWAYS going to be something to make an excuse. You have to just throw them all out the window and remember why you want this. Remember why you started. A year from now where could you be if you don’t give up/stop making excuses?

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