Friday, July 10, 2020

Weight loss, I was around 223-225 :

Weight loss, I was around 223-225
If you think you can’t—then you’re right, you never will! 👏🏼 I was around 223-225 here at my heaviest and I was legit TIRED of my own BS. 😴 I was tired of using food as my drug of choice well in addition to anxiety medication—just an AWFUL combo for me. 

I moved to NC for my first EVER teaching job right out of college in 2012 and I was dumped before my first day of school🙃IT WAS A GREAT TIME!! 🤣 Then I puked in front of my entire class 3x on said first day of school and got sent home because I unknowingly overdosed on said anxiety mediciation. 

I quit cold turkey from there but it took me until February 2013 to break up with the cycle of only getting out of bed because I knew I had a McDonald’s McGriddle and mocha frappe waiting for me. Then I’d pack the most AWFUL lunch filled with JUNK and “reward” myself for getting through the day by stopping at sonic. 

I was THRILLED to have a Friday night with me, a frozen pizza from Walmart (they were the best then for some reason!) and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. One day while teaching one of my lovely students called me THE BIGGEST when I was doing a comparative adjectives lesson 🤦🏻‍♀️ and that was the day that I joined Planet Fitness and stepped foot into Weight Watchers. LEGIT ALL IN THE SAME DAY!! It’s been a rollercoaster since then but I wouldn’t change how we’ve arrived where we are for a thing! Yes, I enjoy treats in moderation but I’m no longer in a drive thru multiple times a day or rewarding myself to wake up each day because of food and DAMN BEING DOWN OVER 46LBS FEELS GOOD! 💃🏻

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