Saturday, July 11, 2020

Weight loss, I'm scared of loose skin :

Weight loss, I'm scared of loose skin
"I'm scared of loose skin" is the number one comment I see regarding weight loss. Maybe my nonchalant attitude about LoOsE sKiN is because I've had a fupa since second grade. Maybe I'm trying to distract you from my weird foot tan. Or maybe it's because my goal throughout this journey has never been about a number or reflection in the mirror, but just to live a long, happy and beautiful life.⠀

I was so fucking miserable in that picture. Both emotionally and physically. A few minutes before it was taken, I was removed from a ride at Universal Studios because I couldn't fit. My feet were blistered everywhere and bleeding into my socks. My entire body was in so much pain that even just breathing hurt. I wanted to leave so badly I was almost in tears. I spent the entire time looking for benches to sit and rest my feet. JUST FROM WALKING! What kind of life is that?⠀

Would you go back in time and tell me NOT to make a change? Would you tell me NOT to lose 165 pounds, tell me NOT to cure my high blood pressure, tell me NOT to normalize my rapid heart rate, tell me NOT to extend my life... because of skin? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. Therein lies my point.⠀

Please don't let anything so trivial dictate your ability to live a long, happy and beautiful life ❤

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