Monday, July 13, 2020

Weight loss ... never stop believing in yourself ❤️

Weight loss ... never stop believing in yourself ❤️
Goal Setting

It’s very easy for people to post transformation photos and say yes look at me. You can do this too. Ofcourse you can do it but how?!?

Set small achievable goals. If the girl on the left had been told your goal is to lose 66lbs or 30kgs she would have laughed and probably given up then and there.

However by setting small achievable goals each week I was able to make small steps towards reaching that bigger goal. Some of my small goals I set over time were: drink 2L water each day, walk 10k steps, lose 7lbs, eat all my points every day, use my weeklies on a treat, learn a new exercise, love my body for what it does for me ... the list could go on.

The point I’m trying to make is don’t focus on the big goal as it may seem too far away. Focus on small achievable goals that you know will get you to the big goal. Be consistent. Appreciate the good days and ride out the bad days. It’s a journey.

Lastly ... never stop believing in yourself ❤️

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