Friday, August 7, 2020

Strength Training For Women (Part 2) :

Strength Training For Women (Part 2)
Strength Training For Women (Part 2) :

You don't even have to train every day, although you could do some cardio or other exercise on some of your rest days. Here is a plan that you could use for your workout week:

    Monday - buttocks, thighs and calves
    Tuesday - shoulders and triceps
    Thursday - back and abs
    Saturday - chest and biceps

You will find plenty of exercises for each muscle group online. If you have access to a gym, you will have a wide choice of exercises using machines. If you are working out at home, however, you will need to plan more carefully.

One vital piece of equipment for strength training for women is a set of weights. Dumbbells are the most common and easiest to store if you are working out at home. Dumbbells are used in exercises that develop the shoulders and back as well as arms. They are inexpensive and you can even buy them in pink or whatever color you want.

If it seems hard at first to find the time to exercise, remind yourself that getting fit will actually give you more time. Most people find that as their fitness increases, they work more efficiently, fitting more tasks into each day.

Mood is better and sleep patterns will often normalize so that you may feel more rested after a shorter time in bed. Keep to your schedule and maybe you too will benefit from great results from strength training for women.

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