Friday, September 18, 2020

Crucial Steps for Long Term Weight Loss, Don’t Skip Meals

Crucial Steps for Long Term Weight Loss, Don’t Skip Meals
Ever heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well it’s true. The one meal you should never skip is breakfast. It is the meal that sets the tone for your metabolism. When you miss breakfast your metabolism responds by slowing down. Your body receives signals of famine from the brain and switches to energy conservation mode. This means rather than burning calories the body gets stingier with them.

The other thing that happens, when missing breakfast is, by the time lunch time comes around you feel starved and you almost always end up overeating. And as a result of this added pressure on your digestive system, most of your energy gets used up as your body works hard to digest and absorb all that food. Needles to say, you won’t feel very productive when you return to work, a feeling which may last for the next few hours.

Another important benefit of not skipping meals is that your blood sugar level is more stable, which keeps insulin in check – reducing unnecessary fat storage and ensuring that you have adequate energy levels required to perform your daily tasks with less physical and psychological stress.

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