Thursday, October 15, 2020

Linda Durbesson, women with Muscle, Biography :

Linda Durbesson, women with Muscle, Biography
The challenge is to mold my body into who I want to be, both mentally and physically. My unflinching determination, my joy for fitness, my constant desire to outdo my limits also keeps me going.

Linda Durbesson started lifting weights in 2003, at the age of 24, and has gone on to sculpt one of the greatest female physiques in the industry.

During her time at College, she learned about the importance of nutrition and training plans, lifting weights in the gym whenever she had time. At this point, Linda was more determined than ever to achieve her ideal body.

After 4 years of studying and hard work, in 2014, she completed her education and had realized her dream of developing an incredible physique. It wasn’t long until she became recognized for her hard work.

Linda has never followed a work out plan, but aims to train 6 days a week. She works her legs 2-3 times, and upper body 3 times per week to maintain and develop her amazing physique.

Linda Durbesson uses her social media platform to empower women like you. She's on a mission to help 10 million women around the globe feel comfortable in their skin & build the body of their dreams. Join the LDFIT ARMY Today!

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