Saturday, October 31, 2020

Weight loss, Do it FOR YOU, not for others :

 Weight loss, Do it FOR YOU, not for others

Hello🌹 My BEFORE is from my uncle's son's engagement and my AFTER from his wedding⁠

Reactions were very nice, even those who could not recognize me... "Your face is very beautiful, but you will be more beautiful if you lose a little weight" while hearing the words, yesterday at the wedding… "No more slimming is enough" I heard the sentences in my mind ♥ ️🎈⁠

Do it FOR YOU, not for others, you and your health have to be the number one priority ❤️🔥✔️⁠

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Lisa Jones said...

Do it for the right reasons. Lose weight for ourself, not for others. Yes, we might be improving our health so we can be a better mother or grandfather...