Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Weight loss, How are we breaking those goals?

Weight loss, How are we breaking those goals?
I was very ashamed to post this before and after because, I was in a terrible phase, but overcoming is part of one of the super powers that a determined woman has, right? 💪🏻🙈

In my slimming service, I only did it during that time! The feeling of devotion is so great! Everyone who is determined and stable wins this. We are always focused on problems, I see it in people. But we cannot know the benefits of that path without entering a path. Have you dedicated yourself to this path for at least 7-8, let's go to 11 or 12 months? With all of you?

Then you get results. You just have to follow this path by yourself! Not for your child, the environment or a loved one, just YOU! Because everything starts with loving yourself! Do you love yourself enough?

Just a little reminder that consistency is key. You can achieve anything you set your mind to. Just be consistent, focus on feeling good, and always show up for YOU!⠀

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