Thursday, December 10, 2020

B Vitamins: The Forgotten Mass Building Supplements (Part 2) :

B Vitamins: The Forgotten Mass Building Supplements (Part 2)
👉 B Vitamins: The Forgotten Mass Building Supplements (Part 1)

B Vitamins: The Forgotten Mass Building Supplements (Part 2) :

Pyridoxine, one of the many B6 vitamins, is important for red blood cell creation, regulating female hormones, and aid in the balance of potassium and sodium in the bloodstream. People doing cardio, or women who are worried about "bulking up" during a bodybuilding session would be wise to take this as part of a supplement program. With a normal diet, you are likely to get an ideal amount of pyridoxine in your diet. In extremely high doses, however, it can cause a loss of balance, and neurological disorders.

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is important for keeping the blood sugar levels in a person's body stable, and plays a role in metabolizing fatty acids. Bodybuilders with metabolic disorders might want to take large doses of biotin; in superdose amounts, biotin has been known to help reverse certain metabolic disorders.

Vitamin B9, known to most as folic acid, is crucial to expecting mothers, as it plays an important role in an unborn child's nervous development. In adults, folic acid keeps people from having major mood swings and also helps people feeling sharp. Folic acid deficiency is rare, so expect to get a normal amount in your regular diet.

Lastly, vitamin B12, which is a collection of cobalamins is another major supplement favorite, often taking the form as cyanocobalamin. Vitamin B12 is necessary to include in your diet if you care about your neurological functions, or if you want your red blood cell count to stay at a normal level. It also plays a key role in tissue repair, and taking a good dose of vitamin B12 can often help boost energy. With tissue repair, cellular repair, increased alertness, and increased endurance, it's understandable why B12 is such a popular supplement among bodybuilders and other athletes. In fact, back in the days, the effect from taking this vitamin was compared by some to taking steroids. B12 is considered "safe" in very large doses, so taking a pill of B12 a day is can be a great idea. If you have gastrointestinal issues, you might not be able to take cyanocobalamin, so asking your doctor for a B12 alternative is a good solution.

Bodybuilders often show a great knowledge, when it comes to intake of protein and carbohydrates. But it is well known that without a balanced diet, mass building efforts will not be effective. And without adequate intake of vitamins, you cannot have balanced diet. Never let one supplement take over your diet. It is all interconnected, and your diet needs to reflect this simple fact.

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