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Various Tips on Ab Workouts (Part 2) :

Various Tips on Ab Workouts (Part 2)
👉 Various Tips on Ab Workouts (Part 1)

Various Tips on Ab Workouts (Part 2) :

Once the position is okay, one should raise the bar as if he is about to do a bench press exercise. The bar should be at level to the chest. Next, take a deep breath and raise the bar to an overhead position. While doing this, one should tighten the muscles in the glutes and the abdominals. The curl your torso while raising the bar over your head.

Do this back and forth and several repetitions. As a reminder, one should not exhale all the air while doing this. This makes it more effective that exhaling all the air. In general, this should become part of the ab workouts within the entire time used for exercising or working out the body. This ensures that the entire body work out is balanced.

People often ask what the best thing to do when it comes to training the abdominal muscles. This is in line with their attempt to increase abdominal power to get ripped abs and to shape up their abs to show that most coveted six-packs. What happens, though, is that people often do things that do not really help at all. Many people tend to make things complicated when it comes to abs development-especially males who want male abs-when in fact, training the abs is just about the same with building the other parts of the body.

The first exercise that is very common but is always overlooked is the Swiss-Ball Weighted Crunches. This is also good for females who want female abs. It is just about the same with your average crunches but with a large inflatable or rubberized ball that supports the back. The wonderful thing about this is that the ball's material is designed to bend and follow the contour of the back bones so the back will not get injured.

To do this, one simply has to lie down on a Swiss Ball as just as one would when doing a bench press. Remember to bend your knees and keep the feet parallel on the floor. Once this position is assumed, the person can then raise or elevate his head with his shoulders just as one would on a normal crunch. The ideal set for this is four with ten repetitions each set. Practice this constantly and change this method with other ab workouts to get maximum results.

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