Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Your Key to Permanent Weight Loss :

Your Key to Permanent Weight Loss
Have you ever wondered why you don't "Just Do It" when it comes to living a consistent healthy and fit lifestyle?

Do you ever ask yourself, "Since I'm so smart and successful, why can't I just get this weight off... and keep it off?"

Would you feel great relief to finally be done with your food and weight struggles... for good?

Well know this first: It's not because you don't know enough or you're not smart enough that you haven't achieved permanent weight loss on your own. Let's face it: practically everyone knows the benefits of eating whole healthy foods, getting regular exercise, and drinking plenty of clean water.

Really, one would have to be living under a rock to not know that, agreed? Simply because there is an overabundance of healthy eating and exercise information available.

So then here's the real question: Why don't you just DO it?

Why is Anyone overweight since all you need to do is "Just DO It"?

Your Key to Permanent Weight Loss

Unfortunately most are out there looking for another physical action plan to help them drop the fat and keep it off. Another new diet or exercise plan. But... if that was truly the answer, then we're back to the same question as above: Why is anyone overweight?

Here's what is exciting about this frustrating dilemma that you are living with today; the dilemma of your ongoing struggles with food and your weight: Your Key to permanent weight loss is something that YOU already have. And no, it's not one of those healthy diet books on your bookshelf!

Your Key to permanent weight loss is your MIND.

    NOTE: To be clear, it's not the mind you already have that is the key, since the mindset you have now is giving you your overweight results...

The key to permanent weight loss is a weight loss mindset. You see, it's the MIND that leads the body. Always.

Once you take very specific steps to deliberately become a match on the inside the body you crave on the outside, then it's easy as pie to live the healthy-n-fit lifestyle to support that body. And love it!

However, when on the inside you are a match to an overweight, unhappy, "feel-bad" body, then that is what you will have on the outside. Furthermore, when you are a match on the inside to a body such as that, then it does not matter how many diets you go on for they cannot "stick".

Applying even the healthiest diet and/or exercise plan on top of an inner foundation that matches an overweight, "feel-bad" body cannot provide permanent weight loss.

You must have a solid, inner foundation that already matches the body and the life you desire to create on the outside, which will give you the result of struggle-free action to allow the fat to drop off, and stay off!

Why is this so? Because it is Universal Law. Universal Law, which is bigger than you, bigger than me, bigger than all of us. Yes, one of the laws of this Universe that we all live under is, "The inner and the outer always match. Always."

This is exactly why 95% of dieters fail. But note: it's not the fault of the diet! (speaking only of healthy eating plans). It's because you must consistently do healthy actions. But how can you do that when it feels like such a struggle?

There is no struggle to achieve permanent weight loss once you are a match on the Inside to the body you crave on the outside. Which means you must have a weight loss mindset. That is the missing piece and that is where 90% of your success (or failure!) with your weight resides.

Now you no longer need to ask yourself why you have never succeeded at achieving permanent success with your weight even though you are very smart and successful in your business life and life in general. Because it is not about a lack of information about how to eat and exercise, nor is it due to a lack of "smarts".

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