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Key Element to Losing Weight :

Key Element to Losing Weight
Quite a bit of people who try to lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives never reach this goal because they don't get the results their looking for in a reasonable amount of time. Some have a tough time figuring out what they should be eating and how many times a day they should eat. Others don't do enough cardio or weight training. Frustration then sets in and they give up on their goal. If this sounds like a situation that you have been in then your life is about to change.

In this article I will discuss one of the key elements to losing weight and by applying this simple change you will start losing body fat and your natural energy levels will kick in fast. When I first meet new clients I always ask how many times a day are they currently feeding themselves. This is a question I always ask especially if it is a client who is overweight or is just looking to shed a few pounds. Most of the time the response is twice a day. Right off the bat I inform them that this is not enough food for their system and if they keep this pattern up the weight will not come off. They usually are in disbelief when they hear that statement, especially females. Why is this statement true? Lets take a look!

I'm going to make up an example off the top of my head right now and make it easy to understand. Lets say a 30 year old female wants to lose 25 pounds and she is currently 155 pounds. She stands 5 feet tall and is involved with mild activity which means she does intensive exercise for 20 minutes 3 times per week. Based on this information she would have to intake 1075.6 calories per day in order to reach her weight loss goal. If you were eating healthy you will not hit this calorie marker on just two meals a day. You need fuel, in this case food, at least a couple more times per day to keep your metabolism up and burning food for energy. If you do not do this and continue to under eat then your body will store the calories it wasn't getting and therefore you will continue to stay at the same weight or put on more weight. Make sense?

Don't worry, you don't have to try and count calories, carbs, fats or proteins all day. There are plenty of resources out there that will do that for you. Besides, in our hectic world who has the time to do this? However, even if you don't want to constantly get on your computer to punch in everything you ate for the day in order to see if you met your caloric intake you can definitely take advantage of having all your meals and workouts planned out for you ahead of time.

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