Sunday, February 14, 2021

Weight loss, I hope this helps :

Weight loss, I hope this helps
I'm floored by all this positive feedback. Thank you all so much.
 For those asking, I also did Vinyasa yoga flow exercises and cut out alcohol completely. Learning your ayurveda body type will tell you what foods work best and when, also what exercises pair best with your fasting schedule and body type. I'm pitta dominate with kapha secondary so Vinyasa yoga, skipping breakfast with an 18:6 fasting window works best for me. I also started doing a bi-weekly 24 hour fast and working inversions into my yoga practice, I can tell a big difference in my core strength. Most my weight came off in the first 7-8 months, I've been toning up since then.

The first picture was taken October 2019, the second was taken after my workout a few weeks ago.☺️
If you want to learn your Ayurveda body type you can do a quick Google search and all sort of links that will guide you to the body type quiz. There are some pretty awesome Ayurveda lifestyle apps. Knowing your body type will also inform you of the proper foods to eat regularly and which to avoid. I hope this helps. ♥️🙏🌹

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