Sunday, March 7, 2021

Getting Abs For Health and Fitness (Part 1) :

Getting Abs For Health and Fitness by Marilyn Roberts (Part 1)
When you see people on camera or in real life with visible 6 pack abs, you have to respect the fact that they worked hard to achieve those looks and they represent good health and strength. There are many benefits to building 6 pack abs to increase your overall good health and core strength.

One benefit is that with a physically stronger body your tasks can be performed much more easily. Women especially want to be strong to carry the workloads that they do. They also know that having visible female abs is very attractive and gives them confidence in their daily life. Everyday chores such as lifting your children, doing laundry or grocery shopping will seem like a breeze when you are in good physical condition.

Your strength can be increased 30 to 50 percent with training. People who play sports especially need the endurance and stamina that they achieve with disciplined workout routines.

Your spine can be well supported with strong abs. Building your core strength will help develop strong abdominal muscles which will also contribute to muscles of the back. This will make you able to move better and keep you safer from muscular injuries.

As you are building your abs you will also lose some fat. Two to three times a week of strength training for 2 months can add 2 pounds of muscle and loss of 3.5 pounds of fat. With less fat and more muscle, your metabolism will speed up and, therefore, your body will burn calories faster than usual.

Weight training will also help you to fight osteoporosis because it will increase your spinal bone mineral density. The improvement in your weight will help fight diabetes and heart disease by lowering your blood pressure and bad cholesterol and give you better cardiovascular health. Your glucose will also improve which will reduce your risk for diabetes.

👉 Getting Abs For Health and Fitness (Part 1)

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