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Best Food for Weight Loss to Keep You Full :

Best Food for Weight Loss to Keep You Full
Overeating is a sure way to gain weight. Going from big, heaping helpings to smaller portions is a complicated change to make, but if you know what to eat you might not feel the need for that second helping. The best food for weight loss to keep you full is rich in protein and fiber.

The best food for fat loss containing resistant starch is beans, bananas, potatoes, oatmeal, and whole grain breads. These foods not only keep you full, but add to your daily dietary fiber intake. Americans average about half the dietary fiber intake, daily, that is recommended. This type of dietary fiber keeps your body from storing too much fat. Eating a piece of 100 percent whole grain toast with a half teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil before a larger meal can help you feel fuller faster, and keep you from overeating. These foods are also complex carbohydrates, and the glucose in them breaks down slower providing longer lasting energy, making it some of the best food for weight loss.

Still hungry? Water based food like fruit, leafy greens, and broth soups can help you stay fuller longer as well. They are the best food for weight loss because they high in fiber, and are water-rich helping you fill up faster the healthy way. Another trick? Drink a big glass of water before your meal. It will reduce your hunger, and your food intake.

Fiber, complex carbohydrates, and resistant starches are not the only foods to keep you full. The best food for weight loss contains protein. Protein packed meals can also help to prevent overeating. The best food for weight loss in this category includes lean meats, low-fat dairy, peanut butter, fish, and nuts. Protein satisfies faster, and cuts down on hunger making you less likely to reach for that slice of cake after dinner.

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