Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Resistance Training : Some other benefits of resistance training

Resistance Training : Some other benefits of resistance training
Some other benefits of resistance training :

There are a few other important, relevant benefits that I think I should mention, just so that I know I've done my best to inform you of all of the benefits of resistance training. Resistance training actually helps to increase bone density, which is important for fighting off conditions such as Osteoporosis, especially in women. Resistance training can also help you develop your fitness and endurance levels, by increasing your heart rate and improving the blood supply to your muscles.

Resistance training develops core strength in both static and dynamic movements, which is absolutely essential for stability. On top of all of this though, resistance training can actually be fun. I'm yet to have a client who has said they would prefer and hour on a cardio machine, than a good quality resistance session. Once they get into it, they love it!

Resistance training isn't just about the free-weights either. There are so many methods of training that all get fantastic results for all kinds of people. You can use Swiss balls, Kettlebells, Medicine balls, resistance bands, tubing, cables and of course, your own body-weight.

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