Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Muscle Building Secrets :

Push Your Grocery Cart A Lot More...

If you want to gain serious muscles -- then you are going to have to eat -- a lot! And if you eat like a bird... guess what?

You will never gain muscle mass. If you don't have food in your kitchen... you might as well admit that you are just dreaming because my friend... you are never gonna get the massive muscles you want to impress the ladies...

So quit fooling yourself and pile the food in your cart when you go grocery shopping. Because FOOD is what your body converts into muscles. Just going to the gym and working out really hard isn't going to cut it. Thinking that you can gain just from workouts alone... that would be ridiculous...

Oh yeah, clear all the crappy foods in your house and throw them right out and replace them with good, quality foods that is going to help your body produce the muscle gains.

Bodyweight Workouts

Believe it or not... bodyweight training kicks ass! In fact, it is much harder than using weight training. And because of that very thing... many bodybuilders tend not to use body weight training in their workouts. That is a mistake because body weight training actually strengthens your muscles much, much better than free weights or machines do.

Males should be able to do these bodyweight exercises:

80 pushups, 20 pullups, 20 one legged squats, 40 dips and 20 chinups.

Females should be able to do these bodyweight exercises:

40 pushups, 5-10 pullups, 10 one legged squats, 10-15 dips and 3-5 chinups.

Meeting the gender benchmark above means you have trained your overall body strength and can now tackle the external weights with gusto.

Turn Your Exercise Program Over Every Three Weeks

This would be the easiest and most unused trick to build your muscle mass. Doing this one simple thing allows your to avoid the dreaded plateau which many bodybuilders face.

It simply means that you move around your normal workouts each day of the week. And you reverse the order you perform your normal workouts. Try it if you have never done it... you will find the change very refreshing and challenging.

It may mean you will be training the smaller muscle groups before training the larger ones. But do it anyway. You need to stop reading all those muscle magazines because number one... weightlifting and workout rules don't apply to everyone... especially skinny and thin guys like us who want to gain massive muscle mass quickly.

So just do it and listen to your body. I'm betting you will like the change...

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