Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Weight Training Or Body Building? (Part 2) :

Weight Training Or Body Building? (Part 2)

Weight Training Or Body Building? (Part 2) :

The definition of weight training vs body building then incorporates functional strength training which emerged from sports conditioning and rehabilitation. In functional training the participant uses a well-rounded program to achieve a more efficient and safer performance of sports activities. This may help them to overcome previous injuries by making the core stronger and more resistant to strains.

When considering weight training vs. body building the participants must weigh the options available to them and their desired goals. However, weight training, functional training and body building aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, body builders who understand the basic tenets of their sport also understand that their body must be balanced and they must avoid over-training. Using functional training and weight training vs. body building will decrease the risk of injury, avoid over-training and produce a more balanced and stronger body.

What becomes interesting is that by adding functional training into the mix you often also add FUN. This keeps the participant motivated and increases the chances of success. Whether you are weight training vs. body building or strength training adding FUN into the workout will make the training sessions more challenging, more exciting and more motivating.

Although the movement of body builders to incorporate more functional weight training can enhance the schedule of the body builder, the reverse is not true. Referring back to the original goals of the different sports it will become obvious that the body builder will benefit from further strength training, coordination and flexibility while the athlete who is strength training for sports performance won't benefit from bulking muscles up for cosmetic reasons.

When you evaluate the differences between weight training vs. body building take into account your goals, interests, time limitations, long-term desires and the motivation you have to achieve those goals. Once you know exactly what you want write your goals down and stick with them!

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