Monday, July 19, 2021

Why Every Woman Should Include Weights in Their Fitness Routine (Part 1) :

There is a popular misconception that when women begin to lift weights they lose their femininity and look too bulky, which could not be farther from reality. The vast majority of women all over the world are always seeking the fastest and most convenient new methods to lose weight. After spending a small fortune on shakes, exercise equipment and dangerous diet pills they come to the harsh realization that they must workout and eat properly to achieve success shedding pounds.

Perhaps you have strolled into your local health club and decided to get your exercise in by doing cardio such as running on the treadmill a few days per week. After the third week you become discouraged because all the miles you have ran are now starting to plateau and you are not losing the weight as quickly. This is exactly why every woman should include weights in their fitness routine. Cardio activities such as running, walking, step aerobics an spinning are all fantastic for getting your heart rate up and shedding pounds. However, just as your brain becomes bored with the ever-exciting steps on a treadmill after the first two miles, your muscles do as well.

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