Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Should Women Lift Weights? :

Should Women Lift Weights? :
Good God, yes. Well...if they want to. A woman is not - I repeat, NOT - going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger from going to the gym, doing her routine, and lifting some good, old-fashioned heavy weights.

It can seem like a scary thing for women, I totally get it. (not to mention, it can seem scary to the MEN of these women!) You don't want to lose your feminine look. But this is just simply not how it works.

Many of those women you see with the crazy muscular bodies (I'm not saying they're crazy, but that they have crazy-muscular bodies!) have clearly taken steroids. That's a fact. Women just don't have the genes to achieve such things, aside from a small percentage of notable exceptions.

Women can lift weights to tone up, shape, and firm up their bodies, if they so choose, with no danger of looking like Lou Ferrigno. Many women I know have told me that since they started lifting weights, their body weight has been much easier to manage and they have leaner, more graceful physiques. Pretty cool, right??

For the serious adventurer, there are even bodybuilding competitions around the world for women to take part in. While there are clearly a few freaks of nature in that group (I mean that in a complimentary way; really!), many of the women - while they're not flexing for show - look like "normal" females, but just in tremendous shape. Remember, you're not trying to flex your biceps all the time. It doesn't work like that.

So all you women out there who are afraid to hit the weights for fear of looking like Hulk Hogan: don't worry! It's not going to happen. And you may find that you really enjoy it!

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