Thursday, October 21, 2021

Chest Exercises, How to Start Building a Better Chest :

A strong, muscular chest has become a highly desirable component of a well-shaped physique, particularly for men. Increasingly, however, women are discovering the benefits, both in terms of fitness and appearance, of having sculpted pectoral muscles as well - and contrary to popular belief, chest exercises do not decrease breast size. A series of well-designed chest exercises can help anyone achieve the fit and powerful upper torso they are looking for.

Chest exercises are designed primarily to target the two pectoral muscles: the pectoralis major, a thick, fan-shaped muscle at the anterior of the chest that makes up the majority of male chest muscle and is situated beneath the breasts of females, and the pecotalis minor, a thin, triangular muscle situated beneath the pectoralis major. For bodybuilders and those concerned primarily with putting on muscle weight, the pectoralis major is of primary concern. However, for those wishing to build strength or just overall fitness level, addressing both muscles in you chest exercises is vital.

Most chest exercises involve some type of weight training. A major factor to keep in mind when considering what chest exercises to do is the fact that performing different exercises and lifting weights at different angles will target different areas of a muscle. For example, one of the most common chest exercises is the bench or dumbbell press, where you lie on a bench and press weight up from you chest. In actuality, this lift combines a trio of chest exercises: the standard bench press, which works the entire chest, and incline bench, which focuses a great deal on the large upper portion of the pectoralis major, and the decline bench, which pinpoints the hard to sculpt lower portion of the chest. Other common chest exercises include dumbbell flies and push ups.

Because chest exercises are so dependent on weight training, having a number of dumbbells in a variety of weights is essential to almost all chest exercises. A dumbbell with plenty of available weight can also be very useful. Weight trees and dumbbell racks can keep these weights orderly and easy to use. A weight bench of some type is also a necessity, preferably an adjustable bench capable of giving you different angles to work out at. Finally, to ensure safety and comfort while you lift, weight training accessories such as a weight belt and gloves are affordable, useful purchases. For those who want an option other than free weights, there are many mechanical weight machines that replicate the exercises above or even that include a combination.

Whatever chest exercises you decide to practice, be certain to start your workout at a moderate, sustainable level and to discus your intentions with a doctor. Lifting weights and other chest exercises can damage muscle and tissue if done too vigorously or without proper form, so always be careful, cautious, and realistic about your ability and your goals when doing any exercise, especially the often intense chest exercises.

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