Friday, October 1, 2021

Top Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights :

Top Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights
Once a woman hits the gym, she was expected to use all the equipment for cardio routines or perhaps sweat out in the aerobics floor. Rarely would someone imagine that she would try lifting weights along with the men. However, that was long ago because today more and more women are actually lifting dumb bells and barbells to the surprise of some people. Yet, there are still a number in the female population who think that weightlifting is best left for the men, an idea that is not only incorrect but also, reeks with a tinge of self-discrimination.

The principal reason why women have second thoughts about weight lifting is that they tend to think of it as a routine that can result in bigger muscles. They believe that brawn is an exclusive feature of men and that having it is, definitely, anything but feminine. This kind of reasoning, of course, is triggered by the misconception that such routine is meant only for building the muscles to competitive levels. However, for those who have actually tried doing it for reasons other than joining weightlifting or bodybuilding competitions, it has resulted into better strength and health, two things that everybody actually wish for.

Lifting weights is a great way to lose fats. A great cardio workout program can do the same thing but complementing with a little weight lifting afterwards deny any chance of regaining weight. Dealing with the barbells and dumb bells can certainly hasten metabolism too. In addition, it enables a woman to replace the flab with muscles and appear toned instead of being skinny.

Another reason why women should not limit themselves to cardio only but to try weight lifting also is to build stronger bones and avoid osteoporosis. While taking their daily doses of calcium, either through drinking enhanced milk or through taking in food supplements, it can also strengthen the bone structure. In fact, medical findings have proven that, in just a few months it can heighten the density of the spinal bone mineral by a significant ten percent.

The routine, if done moderately, can reinforce the muscles and lessen the chances of injuries and certain ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis, and back pains. Therefore, even as they age, they may be able to maintain a stronger body longer. Aside from that, these also relieve the stress obtained from work or relationships and enhance the energy levels. Women who have been doing this on a regular basis have claimed how rejuvenated they feel after every workout.

Finally, women who do weight training are said to be more confident and emotionally stable. This owes to the fact that this exercise prompts the body mechanisms to release chemicals that makes a woman feel great and happy. In fact, studies have indeed shown that after several weeks of weight training women tend to be more positive about their outlook , enabling them to fight depression better than those who do not undergo the workout.

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