Friday, November 12, 2021

Butt Exercises, The Way to Great Buns :

Technically, the butt or buttocks is composed of the gluteus maximus muscle, the largest and most visible of the three gluteal muscles. While these muscles are considered a part of the hip in general anatomy, the gluteus maximus is often targeted by itself during exercise because it is so visually obvious. There are few portions of the body in which excess weight is more blatantly obvious than the butt.

Butt exercises don't only offer benefits to those looking to lose weight, however; the gluteus maximus is a large, powerful muscle responsible for extension of the femur and for maintaining posture while standing and allowing a person to stop once they have started walking. A weak or underdeveloped butt will hinder movement and make one unsteady when standing. Thus, butt exercises are valuable to anyone, from the most dedicated bodybuilder to the person simply looking to keep fit as they age.

Because the gluteus maximus is such a commonly exercised area of the body there are a variety of butt exercises out there, some more effective than others. Listed below are three of the most proven butt exercises along with descriptions of the exercises and specifics on equipment required.

Squats: This exercise is usually done with a barbell and sufficient weight. While standing, anchor the weight of the bar behind the neck on the shoulders. With feet shoulder width or further apart - further will target the glutes better - slowly bend down until the knee is at a 90 degree angle with the floor. Hold for a moment, then smoothly power the weight back up. The legs should never lock at the top. This exercise requires little except for the weight used, though a power rack is essential for the safety of those using free weight without a spotter. A weight rack can help keep your home gym need and convenient as well. Some weight machines can also replicated similar motions.

Stiff Leg Dumbbell Lift: This lift is usually done with a barbell and sufficient weight, though some women prefer to use light dumbbells. Begin with the legs straight but not locked and the feet slightly apart. With the weight in both hands, bend down until the weight is nearly to the floor. Remember to keep midsection firm and legs straight. Then slowly raise the body and weight both upward while tightening the glutes. This will target most of the exercise into the gluteal and hamstring areas. This lift can be done with a barbell, EZ-curl bar, or dumbbells, and a weight rack of the appropriate type will help keep things in order.

Cable Hip Extension: This exercise is performed on a pulley weight machine with a low pulley option. Attach and ankle cuff to the pulley cord and hook it around the ankle. Facing the weight stack and holding the frame or bar provided, lean forward and turn the foot slightly outward. Push the foot up and back behind the body, hefting the weight with the motion. Smoothly lower the leg to a starting position. This exercise requires a cable machine with a low pulley setting and an ankle strap, and is difficult to replicate without this equipment.

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