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How to Get Ripped Abs Fast, The 5 Best and Most Amazing Tips, See Results in Weeks Not Months :

How to Get Ripped Abs Fast, The 5 Best and Most Amazing Tips, See Results in Weeks Not Months

I have wasted almost two years of my life in the gym not knowing what I was doing. Like a lot of other guys it was my goal to achieve ripped abs and a strong body. But one day a men approached me and told me exactly what to do to get ripped abs. I still have to train everyday but it is a lot of fun right now because my hard work gives me the desired results. However find out my 5 biggest fat loss and six pack workout mistakes and how you can avoid them from now on.

1) Not serious about meal frequency In my two years of unsuccessful fitness I was not eating every three waking hours. I knew bodybuilders and fitness models were doing this. But hey a normal guy like doesn't need that. I couldn't be further from the truth. Eating more frequent but smaller increase your metabolism, calories are burned faster and therefore you burn more fat. Eating six times a day is not difficult or strange. It is just a new habit you need to form.

2) Only doing low intense cardio Long slow cardio is not the best way to lose your body fat fast. Most people are running for hours and hours on a treadmill and they don't get the desired results. What most people don't know is that your body needs variation and only can change when you give it a challenge.

If your metabolism could talk it would say something like. "Hey this workout is easy I am not going to change (it won't work faster nor harder). Try out other things, you need to come out of your comfort zone. Try hill sprinting, Stairclimbing, boxing, swimming and rowing. There are some fitness models and regular guys out there that are very ripped and don't do any form of traditional cardio. However traditional cardio still offers great health benefits. However for fat loss it has to be done for at least twenty minutes.

3) Wasting my money on supplements In the 104 weeks of not knowing what I was doing I taught a fat loss supplement could help me with my quest to get ripped abs. The truth is that they are not effective to burn fat or to gain muscle mass. Ads from supplement companies are just here to get your money.

Do not buy supplements everything you need can be found in real food. Instead spend your money on organic foods and as fresh as possible.

4) Not training with weight properly I knew already that weight training could increase muscle mass. Although it was my goal to become ripped but not huge. So instead I did some five or ten minute weight lifting workouts and the results where nothing to write home about.

I did not realize that weight training workouts were indispensable to workout the abs (although indirectly) and to reach a single body fat percentage. This is not just a detail this is very important. With nutrition and cardio alone you can actually lose lean muscle mass. If you lose lean muscle mass your metabolism slows down and you burn less calories.

5) Training the abs to often It is true less is often more and training the abdominal muscle is not an exception. There are a lot of men and women who are training their stomach five, six and even seven times a week. But hey your abs are a muscle too. This means that you can actually over train them. Muscles do need recovery. Therefore train your abs only two to three times a week.

Remember: Probably you are spending already enough time in the gym but are doing the wrong kind of workouts and at an intensity level that is to low. On the other hand you may eat already healthy but not healthy enough. If your body fat percentage is not a single digit number you (and other people) will not see the abs. Reaching this fat loss goal takes a more intelligent approach then just traditional dieting.

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