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The Importance of Power Training : Fat Loss

Fat Loss :

Few people looking to shed some pounds have any desire to increase their power clean or hang snatch, especially beginners. Fair enough. However, the use of power exercises of different forms are critical to ensure rapid and consistent fat loss results.

Without simplifying the matter too much (although it is often unnecessarily complicated), fat loss requires building muscle and burning fat through resistance training, clean nutrition and perhaps cardio interval training. For some, aerobic exercise may be added if the time and energy levels are there for some extra calorie burning but this is rarely necessary nor productive.

Whatever your beliefs regarding sets and reps for fat loss the fact remains that the heavier the weight that can be lifted for that chosen rep scheme, the greater the stress on the muscle and the greater the intensity of post-exercise recovery thus elevating metabolic rate.

For instance, where all other factors remain equal, a man who can squat 80kg for 8 reps will experience results faster than an identical man who can squat 65kg for 8 reps. The difference can only be eliminated quickly through increases in strength and power which won't come fast enough simply by trying to add 5lbs to the bar each week within the 8-10 rep range. To a certain extent, working within a particular rep scheme will bring a degree of strength gain but not nearly as fast as when power training movements are included. Introducing exercises which improve neurological firing patterns and consequently muscle recruitment, means heavier weights can be lifted for more reps in any given set.

More advanced trainees needing to shed some pounds can use many exercises such as variations of power cleans, snatches, jerks and plyometrics as well as medicine ball exercises like slams and overhead throws. However, clearly most of these are impractical for beginners. This should not discourage a trainer or enthusiast from using 'power' training as there are many options which can be used without the need for high skill levels.

For instance the 'fat loss' program becomes much more effective, much faster when muscle activation exercises are used in beginners to improve their ability to lift weights (assuming clean nutrition is being adhered to!) Power can be defined as the ability to exert maximum muscular contraction instantly in an explosive burst of movements. The two components of power are strength and speed ( Developing power does not necessarily have to involve Olympic lifts or bounding up and down an athletics track, but can have dramatic results in beginners and advanced trainees alike looking for fat loss, when programmed correctly.


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 The Importance of Power Training : Fat Loss The Importance of Power Training : Fat Loss The Importance of Power Training : Fat LossThe Importance of Power Training : Fat Loss  The Importance of Power Training : Fat Loss The Importance of Power Training : Fat Loss

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