Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Work Outs, Strength Training Quick Reference Guide :

Work Outs, Strength Training Quick Reference Guide
I've listed a few tips in no particular order.

Make notes and hopefully, you can use these little gems of info I've learned throughout the years.

Read and use as reference points often.

I want to leave you with a few quick "do's and don'ts" points to keep in mind so that you get things going with progress.

Do check your BP (blood pressure). Check your resting blood pressure at least once annually.

Do consume proteins. High quality protein of 15-20 grams after a workout.

Do adjust your attitude. Do find ways to push and motivate yourself. Hire a qualified trainer, listen to motivating music or personal development materials. Know your reasons why you are hitting the weights. Get healthy for you, not for anyone else.

Do have fuel inside before you train. I try to have some simple, digestible food before my morning work out. I have more energy to train better than if I went to the gym skipping breakfast, even if the session is early morning.

Do warm up. Are your joints and muscles warmed up before you exercise? Make sure they are always warmed up to avoid increasing chance of injury. I make sure we warm up early especially with my very early morning clients.

Do drink enough water through out the day. Divide your weight in half and try to get that many ounces. Your urine color should look clear in color when you urinate.

Do something new. Do try new exercise movement techniques often to stay fresh and interested in your work out.

I know that when one loses motivation, it's due to boredom with the workout or simply not getting a result or "feeling it" with the session.

Do lift ladies - Yes, I mean it, don't be afraid to lift weights. Lift heavy and lift often.

Do add variety to your routine. Change your program every 3 months. Your body adapts to your training sessions.

If you stay and lift indoors with barbells for a while, do something different like strength training outdoors using your body as the weight.

Do rest up. Remember to get adequate rest after your session. Make sure you rest plenty enough for recovery.

Do breathe deeply and not hold breath during exertion.

👉 Do you use up all of your lung power?

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