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Dusty Sage defies the doctors to become female bodybuilding star (with some seriously impressive delts!) :

Dusty Sage defies the doctors to become female bodybuilding star (with some seriously impressive delts!)
When female bodybuilder Dusty Sage triumphed at the 2013 Emerald Cup she couldn't help but recall the devastating day she was told she would never run or jump again.

College volleyball player Dusty suffered every sportswoman's nightmare – a torn anterior cruciate ligament, made significantly worse by severe bone degeneration in her right knee.

Surgeons in her native Canada warned that her days as an athlete were over and that she should settle into a quiet, sedentary life.

But physical education teacher Dusty, 35, is made of stronger stuff and simply refused to accept the diagnosis.

She turned to bodybuilding, hit the gym hard, and over thousands of hours of dedicated, focused lifting, carved out one of the most stunning muscular female physiques on the planet.

She started to enter bodybuilding competitions (13 of them!) and trophies followed culminating in the inspirational gym coach taking the Over 35 category at the 2013 Emerald Cup in May.

She said: “When I was told by surgeons that I’d never be able to jump or run again I set out to prove them wrong. I mean, tell an athlete that and you know the result – to me it wasn't a diagnosis, it was a challenge!

“They said I’d never set foot on a National level stage but I did last year and hope to again in August.”

Dusty has been bodybuilding seriously for 10 years and has built a truly breathtaking physique.

At 5ft 5ins, and 155 muscular pounds, she has massive stage presence.

Her eye-popping delts and back are world class and are balanced by the huge, sleek lines of her quads – the perfect bodybuilder's X-shape.

But all that muscle doesn't come easy – this is one female bodybuilder who goes heavy.

She squats 365lbs for reps, bench presses 265lbs for reps and builds those perfect shoulders with 70lb dumbbell presses.

Oh, and her 16 inch biceps come courtesy of barbell curls with 45lbs a side!

She said: “My personal best on squat is 365 lbs for three reps - not bad for a girl who has to wear a knee brace because I don’t have an anterior cruciate ligament and have severe bone generation in my right knee.”

Despite her unbelievable determination and phenomenal achievements Dusty remains totally grounded.

She has these words of wisdom for girls just starting out on their female bodybuilding journey: “Be humble, sportsmanlike, and caring to all those around you. The world doesn’t owe you a living because you chose to diet and train a certain way. So suck it up and don’t wreck relationships over it! Nobody wants to end up alone but looking great.”.

Here at we wish Dusty every success in forthcoming competitons – a true role model and superb ambassador for the sport of female bodybuilding.

Dusty Sage Full Profile

Name: Dusty Sage

Age: 35

Job: Elementary/Junior High Physical Education Specialist (Teacher)

Lives: Alberta, Canada

Height: 5’6” (maybe shorter, old age... I may have shrunk to 5’5”... LOL)

Weight: 155 lbs

Body type: Bodybuilder converting to Physique

Chest: I don’t measure...

Waist: 25 to 26 inches (at competition weight)

Biceps: 16 inches at biggest


Squat: PB (365 lbs for 3, not bad for a girl that has to wear a knee brace, I don’t have an acl and have severe bone generation in my right knee)

Bench: PB (265 lbs for 3, RAW... No belt, no nothing... Just so Justin Bieber playing in my ears... Haha)

DB shoulder press: 70 lbs a side

Bicep curl: 45 lbs a side

Contests and results:
I’ve competed 13 times... so I won’t list them all... Some notables: Alberta Provincials 2012, Heavyweight Women’s Bodybuilding (2nd Place), Emerald Cup 2013, Over 35 Masters Women’s Bodybuilding (1st Place)

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