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Fitness Plan, How to Start and Maintain It, Diet and Exercise Explained :

Fitness Plan, How to Start and Maintain It, Diet and Exercise Explained

1. Set a goal, See it

To start with, you have to set a goal. Something visual, something measurable. Acquire images of anyone who has the right body you would like. You can use Pinterest to pin those photographs. Now set those images somewhere where they can be seen by you daily, PC background, print them-and put them on your wall. OK, now proceed to the next part of the first-step: ensure it is measurable. Search for someone who has that body and look for their height, weigh and bodyfat. I came across Chris Hemsworth's body as he has a good amount of muscle, to be optimum for a goal and is actually my height. I found the knowledge on him on Listed here are my goals and a good example for you:



90 kg



Women's objective example:


167 cm (5'5 feet)


55 kg (121.3 lbs)

Body fat


2. Present state

Examine your body. This might be difficult for a few people nevertheless, you need to not be unrealistic here. Weigh yourself and write the number down. Then discover what your body fat percentage is. The simplest way to get a great estimation is this data below, although you can find different ways to assess it.

My numbers:

Weight: 172 pounds or 78 kg

Bodyfat: 15-16%

3. Select a fitness program

There are so many fitness plans, exercise routines, weight loss plans, diets and advice out there so it might be hard to choose. If you're totally shed and don't know where you should discover one, listed here are several simple rules and suggestions:

Checkout: - look for a plan - choose a plan and choose your sexuality and level.

Good quality ones:

- 7 day rookie teacher (beginners)

- Big man on-campus (Students- building muscle, remaining lean)

- Project Mass (building lean muscle mass quickly, advanced)

- Elite body (slim, powerful, healthy, women)

- Thirty Days out (cutting, shedding weight, advanced)

Since I want to gain 22 pounds or 10kg and still stay lean I'm going with project mass. I modified the program somewhat to fit my lifestyle better. More on that in the next phase but first checkout these standard strategies for any plan-you pick.



Lift heavy weights (applies for women also)

HIIT - High intensity interval training (quick and powerful cardio)


Remove bakery items

Eat excellent protein

Try intermediate fasting


keep it simple


Cod liver oil / Krill oil (omega 3)

Amino acids

whey protein and creatine (Building muscle)


Set a normal bedtime

Rest in darkness that is complete

Don't use your PC or phone prior to going to bed

4. Schedule

This is one of the most important things you can do to make sure you start following your plan. Write-down whatever you do on a normal day, beginning once you get up, brush your teeth etc. and when you're done, compare your schedule for the exercise and diet program you chose. When are you able to do your workouts and go to the gym? How will you ensure that you have appropriate food in your meal break? Now create a new regimen that incorporates the exercise and meal plan. Ensure it is as detailed as possible.

Listed here is my morning schedule:

6 am - awaken, brush teeth and floss.

6:15 - Drink a glass of water.

6:20 - Plan the day (select the most important thing todo, The One Thing), enter the proper mindset.

6:30 - Take the dog for a walk

6:45 - Drink bulletproof tea (greentea, butter from the grass fed cow, coconut oil)

7:00 - Work

8:00 - Breakfast (4 eggs, morning supplements) + listen to a podcast or audio book

8: 30 - Work

9:30 - Pre-workout drink + work

9:00 - Gym / Run

10:00 - Shower + postworkout drink

10:15 - Work


Once you've done this, put it anywhere where you can see it everyday. Print it and post it in your wall or maintain it on your telephone. Simply make sure every single day, you follow the regimen. Initially it'll be challenging but after a day or two, it'll get easier and easier until you don't need to contemplate it whatsoever.

5. Evaluation and correction

Most readymade programs don't suit your unique lifestyle or needs thus after being a day or two in, remember to review the program and correct accordingly. Perhaps you have to adjust your morning schedule somewhat, maybe the dietary plan or workout makes you to feel drained and fatigued. Try adjusting your diet plan and sleep and soon you'll feel better. There will continually be changes in lifestyle that you might want to adapt to. For example I had to change my complete routine since my girlfriend and I chose to adopt a dog.

Remember to keep your plan realistic. Sometimes you go out on a Friday night and drink a few beers or binge eat at a fast food restaurant. When that happens, DON'T STOP! 24 hours later, get back to the normal program and you'll be back on the way to success.

Towards an improved you.

Thanks for reading.

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