Thursday, April 21, 2022

Dorf on How to Build Muscles :

As you read this article... I hope you start to question everything you know about building muscles. Especially for the thin or skinny women and men...

And all that money and time you spent wasted at the gym with dreadful results to show for it...

So I decided to write this article on what skinny guys and gals shouldn't be doing -- if you are serious about muscle building. I'm sure that you can come away with ideas that will put you further up the curve to learn how to build muscle.

I'm going to tell you the worst blunders a lot of amateur bodybuilders make trying to build muscles.

Dorf on How to Build Muscles -- Blunder one -- not getting stronger from muscle building workouts

A lot of beginners want to get ripped right away and forget the strength building workouts. I would tell them, "dude... you MUST get stronger BEFORE you can focus on getting ripped." Quit playing around with the fancy-smancy equipment that does little for you in terms of building effective strength. Because when you get stronger, you lift more. When you lift more, you put more stress on your muscles and force them to get bigger to respond to the the additional loads.

Doing your muscle building workouts any other way... you might as well whistle in the dark because you sure ain't gonna see any results! So, build your strength foundation and your muscles will follow.

Dorf on How to Build Muscles -- Blunder two -- ignoring a well rounded workout

By that I mean, also work on your heart and cardiovascular system. Perform interval training exercises that gets the ol' heart pumping because you need a good circulation system for a healthy body. Pump that oxygen into your muscles! Help your body repair itself and remove waste products. Doing so will optimize your system to grow as fast as it can.

Dorf on How to Build Muscles -- Blunder three -- Overdoing the Bicep and tricep isolation workout routines

So you looked at the magazines or see those guys and women at the gym with huge arms. Pumped biceps and rippled triceps... and you think to yourself... " I want those!" So you spend a hour every time you hit the gym wailing away with the cables, free weights and exercise machines that focuses on and isolates the biceps or triceps muscles.


Dude! You are absolutely wasting your time doing that crap. So, stop it already...

OK. Let's do this... stand in front of the mirror and look at your biceps and triceps... notice that these are small muscles when compared to your thighs, chest and back?

I would suggest (really, really suggest) that you focus on your larger muscles... which in turn will stimulate the growth of the smaller muscles. In short, do the bodybuilding workouts that focuses on the large muscle groups -- and you are gonna be shocked! Shocked, I say! When you notice that your biceps and triceps start to grow. You see, your body isn't made of isolated parts. It would be ridiculous to think of it that way. So spend the MAJORITY of your muscle training on the large muscle groups and much, much less of your time on the biceps and triceps.

All these blunders I pointed out today is a large part of what is holding skinny guys back in spite of the hard training efforts they make at the gym. Don't be like a Dorf -- learn how to build muscles... the right way!

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