Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Advantages of Bodyweight Workouts (Part 1) :

The Advantages of Bodyweight Workouts (Part 1)
Bodyweight workouts (meaning workouts done without machines or weights) offer many advantages over other forms of exercise that most people are not aware off. To the ignorant, bodyweight exercises like push-ups etc are old fashioned. Why do exercises like this when the local gym has equipment that can be used? Surely these modern machines must provide a more advanced workout and be more efficient? The surprising truth of the matter is, however, they don't. Here's why.

Whether you are weight lifting in a gym or using a machine, you are typically isolating the muscles in order to perform the exercise. This is unnatural, as the human body has evolved with all of the muscles working together all of the time. When you train them separately, you run the risk of having one muscle group becoming proportionally stronger than another group. When they are forced to work together in the real world, you run the risk of injury. This is why a bodybuilder's body typically breaks down so easily when under real stress.

Natural bodyweight workouts can also build strength, endurance, and flexibility all at the same time. When you train with weights, the maximum number of reps you might do is 15. With bodyweight exercises, you may do anywhere from 50 to 500.  Doing these kind of reps not only build strength, but incredible flexibility and lung power as well. There's no need to go on the stair master after you've done a set of 200 hindu squats, that's for sure.

As they constantly utilize your entire body, bodyweight workouts are fantastic for losing weight. With each full body movement, you will be constantly working every muscle, which puts you in an elevated fat burning state. Fat will melt off your body like butter under a blowtorch. It is impossible to lose weight like this if you are performing an isolation exercise like a biceps curl.

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