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7 Critical Steps For Beginning Bodybuilders :

Principle 1 - Consult Your Physician
It is advisable-even crucial-to consult your physician before starting any exercise program. Based upon a medical checkup and health history, the physician can tell whether or not the patient is sufficiently healthy to undertake a program of bodybuilding for beginners.

Principle 2 - Start out S-L-O-W-L-Y
xercise should be mild at first, gradually increasing, gently warming and not taking too much from the available strength."

The ACSM recommends that bodybuilding for beginners should entail no more than 2-3 total body workouts (working all muscles groups of the body) per week, and rest for 1 to 2 minutes between sets (a series of repetitions). Moreover, fitness experts recommend that one should gradually (over time) add more weight and repetitions to the program.

Principle 3 - Stick to the Basics
Too many novice bodybuilders try to imitate the advanced training methods of the pros, including utilizing state-of-the art training equipment. However, experts recommend just the opposite-that bodybuilding for beginners embrace the basics.

Indeed, several barbells and a bench are all that one requires in the beginning. With barbells, say experts, one begins to build form and technique, and an important foundation for the more advanced bodybuilding techniques.

Principle 4 - Observe Proper Nutritional Habits
Although proper nutrition is an important cornerstone for all exercise programs, bodybuilders have unique nutritional needs. For that reason, they should follow this advice from bodybuilding champion Hugo Rivera:

- Eat small meals frequently throughout the day. Studies have shown that frequent meals raise metabolic rates. This is important because when your metabolism slows (as it will do by eating only two or three meals a day), the body reverts to "starvation mode" and begins to burn lean muscle mass for fuel.

- Eat a proper mixture of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, which is needed to fuel your body. The proper mix, according to experts, is: carbohydrates: 40%, protein: 40%, and fat: 20%.

- Practice caloric cycling. For instance, if your goals are to build muscle, Rivera recommends that you consume a higher amount of calories for 5 days and then a lower amount of calories for 2 days. Rivera believes that such caloric cycling prevents the body from becoming used to a certain amount of calories, which will lead to a plateau in training results.

Principle 5 - Train for your Body Type
Studies have shown that there are three basic body types and each of these types affects bodybuilding results. For best results, therefore, bodybuilding for beginners should include a training program that fits their body types, as identified below:

- An ectomorph is thin and has an unusually fast metabolism, which prevents them from gaining weight and muscle. As a result, ectomorphic body types normally cannot tolerate high exercise intensities (and this holds true whether the exercise is cardiovascular or strength training). Therefore, ectomorphs should start out slowly and gradually build up the weight and intensity of their workouts. They should also frequently change their training routines to prevent a plateau of training results.

- A mesomorph is ideally suited to bodybuilding, as he or she is muscular, has an athletic build, and can gain and lose weight rather easily. As a result, mesomorphs do well with any type of training program.

- An endomorph is short and has a rounded body, a slow metabolism, and tends to gain both muscle and fat rather easily. As a result, the endomorphic body type should concentrate on strength training (as opposed to cardiovascular training). A high intensity interval training session, which lasts for only 15-20 minutes and incorporates both cardiovascular and strength training works very well for this type.


Principle 6 - Cross Train for Flexibility
Cross-training is an increasingly recognized training method that yields impressive results. When starting a bodybuilding for beginners program that includes exercises other than weight training-such as yoga, swimming, and bicycling-one gains the flexibility that is lacking in those who strictly adhere solely to strength training.

Principle 7 - Track your Progress

Tracking your training progress through regular weight and body measurements will maintain motivational levels to continue a bodybuilding program. This is particularly effective for beginning bodybuilders as the urge to quit may be particularly strong for a newbie.

Using these seven principles, a safe (and effective) bodybuilding for beginners program ma be created that will eventually lead you to the more advanced programs,but not before providing a sampling of the excellent physical results that bodybuilding offers.

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