Monday, May 30, 2022

I had lost 60 lbs in less than 8 months :

I had lost 60 lbs in less than 8 months
Posting in hopes to inspire those who need it. Consistency. Even when you feel like you’re not seeing a difference yet, show up. Even when you didn’t get enough sleep the night before, show up. Through any excuse, big or small, show 👏🏼 up 👏🏼 and once you start don’t give up🤞🏼
HW 301 lbs
CW 147 lbs

I did this through a calorie deficit with no restrictions. For me that meant making the smartest choices as much as possible, but if I absolutely wanted a “not so smart” snack/meal I worked it into my deficit. I have BED and any kind of restriction triggers that. I fasted 18:6 usually (I started out 16:8 and worked my way up) I feel my best when I fast 20:4, though. Lots of water, it’s everything! And I included exercise when I felt physically and mentally ready. My results are from HIIT and Barre programs.  Between August 2020 and August 2021 I lost 111 lbs!
*middle pic is the day I started working out, I had lost 60 lbs in less than 8 months just following a deficit and fasting.

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