Monday, May 16, 2022

This Abs Workout Will Have Them Drooling Over Your Sexy Body And You Won't Have To Do A Single Situp :

This Abs Workout Will Have Them Drooling Over Your Sexy Body And You Won't Have To Do A Single Situp

Face it. Flat, rippling abs are sexy on men and women. And you want them right? But if you were asked, which group of athletes has the best abs, what would you say? Many would agree that it is gymnasts who have the best abs. And they develop them without doing the standard sit ups, but by using their abs while they are performing their sport. Imagine the work a gymnast's abs must do during an "iron cross" on the rings, or doing a big loop on the uneven parallel bars. That takes strong abs!

So how can you get them without a bunch of boring crunches and sit ups? While hardcore bodybuilders often designate a day each week for focused and intense ab workouts, you don't need to do that. Just like gymnasts, you can work them a little every day and see magnificent results. Follow this routine as part of your overall workout, and you will have many admiring your rippling midsection at the beach.

Chin Up Bar Leg Raises - While hanging from a chin up bar with arms extended, and body hanging straight down, bend at the hips. Lift your legs to a position parallel to the floor and hold for a count of 2. Slowly return to starting position. This exercise mimics part of the "iron cross" that really works the abs. Alternatively you could use ab slings or a power tower to do this exercise.

Chin Up Bar Front Levers - Start by holding the bar with arms bent at the elbow, just like you are at the top of a pull up. Then, while straightening you arms at the elbow, swing your body under the bar and try to bring your torso parallel with the floor. Your body and legs stay straight throughout the motion. Swing back up to the beginning position with elbows bent, chin at the bar and repeat.

Leg Raises - Lying on your back, either on a bench or on the floor and place your hands partially under your butt. Raise your straight legs to 30 degrees and hold for a count of two. For variety, try scissor kicking your legs, by spreading your legs wide, then bringing them together, right leg over left. Spread again and bring them back together, with left leg over right. To really teach those abs whose boss, stretch your arms overhead, then bring your upper body and right arm up and bring your left straight leg up to meet your right arm. Return and repeat with the left arm and right leg.

Bench Leg Crunches - Sit at the end of a flat bench, with your legs extended and feet touching the floor. Hold onto the bench a few inches behind where you are sitting. Raise the legs and bend the knees in toward the chest, crunching the abs. Extend the legs and repeat.

I like to use these 4 exercises in a super set, moving from one to the next without rest. To mix it up a little, throw one of these in between your other exercises to keep your abs constantly working. Believe me, keep this up, eat a proper diet to decrease the fat over your abs.

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