Friday, May 27, 2022

Ways to Build Muscle - FAQ :

FAQ 1: Can I build muscle while shedding fat?

A: As a short answer: yes, but you have to know what you are doing. It is true that if you try to lose weight just by dieting alone, you will not be able to feed your growing muscles properly. But, there are proven ways to actually lose fat while building greater muscle mass for a stronger and more attractive physique.

FAQ 2: When is the best time to eat after a heavy workout?

A: I suggest eating or drinking lots of protein within 20 minutes of your workout. This will rebuild your muscles while they are still in that broken down state immediately following your workout. Your muscles crave protein and this is the best time to have some.

FAQ 3: How should I eat on days I am not working out?

A: Great question, and the answer is: definitely eat less on days you not working out. It is easy to forget this advice since many of us view eating and workout as being independent. Once you become more aware of your body's needs, you will begin to eat according to what your muscles need rather than what habit dictates.

FAQ 4: Is creatine a steroid?

A: Some people who are not close to the bodybuilding world people believe that creatine is a steroid: not true. Actually, it is merely an amino acid that directly feeds muscle. Creatine is natural and can be found in foods we eat every day. Before trying it, talk with your doctor or nutrition counselor.

FAQ 5: More reps or heavier weights?

A: The simple guideline in the reps-vs.-heavy weight dilemma is as follows: do more reps with lighter weights to build small-but-tone muscles, and do fewer reps with heavier weights to build strength and mass.

Heeding this information can give any aspiring bodybuilder a head start on building strong, massive muscles for that impressive physique.

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